Radu Cijicenco rejects he was sent to Proca by Plahotniuc

The lawyer Radu Cijicenco rejects the accusations of Jurnal TV channel according to which, the killer Vitalie Proca was ordered by Vlad Plahotniuc. More than that, Cijicenco has documents that prove he assisted the Gasparean family.

''Indeed, my meeting with Proca, in Jilava prison was made at Proca's mother-in-law, Venera Gasparean request, as I was supporting her judicially. I received materials on the Davidean David's penal case. On that moment, they signed a mandate for me to be David's lawyer'', said Radu Cijicenco.

Cijicenco presented acts that show that the Gasparean family offered the right to access the profs from the penal case, because I should have represented them in the instance.

Previously, Jurnal TV channel broadcast a material that showed the lawyer said he is Proca's cousin, to receive the permission to visit him. It is not the first time when Venera Gasparean lies.

Recently, the journalists wrote that even if she was telling that her son, David Davitean didn't talk with Vitalie Proca, a telephonic interception says the contrary.

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