Queue of drivers to register for exams at Public Services Agency in Capital

Dozens of people are queueing at the Department of Identification, Registration of Vehicles and Driver's Qualification, to register for an emergency exam.

After waiting for hours, among 150 people, only 60 passed the procedure and the rest returned home. 

This situation was registered in the morning. 

According to people who posted videos and pictures on social network, many people had waited since 3 a.m but eventually didn't manage. 

The officials of the institution say that over hundred people came without scheduling to register urgently, and employees were unable to meet the demands.

Moreover, they say that the number of people grew as the institution reduced its activities in the snowy days. 

Additionally, the head of the Driver's Qualification Directorate says more people want to pass the test. 

There are 20 examiners working in the exam center.

200 lei is charged for the repeated test and 500 lei for emergent test. 


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