Pupils of a Chisinau high school trained fire safety rules (photo)

Pupils of Mihail Kogălniceanu High school have received life security training by Fire Brigade Rescuers and Firefighters Râşcani. 

During lessons held in classes, pupils were explained fire prevention rules, reaction in cases of risk situations as well as consequences in exceptional situation. 

Moreover, IGSU employees instructed students how to protect themselves from fires and prevent a crisis. 

Children had chances to watch videos on risk prevention messages, reaction in case of earthquake or exception situations. 

In outdoor activities, pupils learned about equipment and fire intervention vehicles. 

Over 120 children aged between 10-16 enrolled in the lessons organized by firefighters. 

Training is held systematically in educational institutions and aimed at preparing children life safety rules. 

In 2018, over 1300 children from over country participated in such activities. 


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