Pupils from Grozeşti enjoy generous gifts from Edelweiss

Vlad Plahotniuc has kept his promises made at the begining of September during a visit to his old Academic High School "Prometeu", Grozeşti village, Nisporeni district. Now, thank to his foundation "Edelweiss" the children can enjoy new furniture, television, laptops and the music class will become more interesting with the new music center.

The pupils were extremely pleased with the gifts.

"Now we can think with more easy that we have a good place to go to study."

Girls were happy that now their clothes will not be ripped anymore by stray fasteners. 

"My stockings would always get caught by the chairs, I couldn't wear skirts without fearing to rip them."

"I love those new table, since they have place for various things, for example this section can be used to keep a cup or bottle of water."

"Now we can fit everything on the table and each of us has its own."

"This is something new for us, music lessons will be more fun. We thank  Edelweiss for those generous gifts."

"The owners of EdelweissVlad Plahotniuc is always keeping his promises. Now the children have better furniture and equipment. The school became more beautiful and pleasant." CEO of Vlad Plahotniuc's "Edelweiss" foundation, Lidia Cocoș stated.

"Since children from villages rarely have the chance to visit a theater, now I can show to them what it means thanks to the new equipment. I can proudly say that my classroom is the most beautiful one from the whole district" music teacher Elena Dragan said.

"We were looking forward to those gifts. We thank Edelweiss and Vlad Plahotniuc for this donation" headmaster Liliana Mocanu exclaimed.

Last year  Vlad Plahotniuc's Edelweiss foundation has gifted to the school a new piano that is now used in music class. The academic high school from Grozeşti is attended by 303 pupils.


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