Publika TV is a multicultural, bilingual television station, broadcasting latest news and talk shows on politic, economic and social topics in Romanian and Russian languages.

Publika TV is a media platform promoting national identity and values of Republic of Moldova, as well as democracy and European integration.

Publika TV does not discriminate against people based on their language and culture. The motto of Publika TV’s news is „AUDIATUR ET ALTERA PARS".

Publika TV is broadcast by all cable television companies from Republic of Moldova. At the same time, our channel is available in both Moldova and Romania, for subscribers of satellite television, DTH platform – Focus Sat Moldova, Digi Satelit Romania. Publika TV programs can be viewed at Publika LIVE, on Twitch and Odnoklasnikii

Publika TV is also available on the following ground wave propagation in Republic of Moldova:

1 Channel 23 Străşeni

2 Channel 29 Ocniţa

3 Channel 35 Floreşti

4 Channel 44 Trifeşti

5 Channel 56 Cimişlia

6 Channel 45 Briceni

7 Channel 55 Cantemir

8 Channel 52 Drochia

9 Channel 53 Făleşti

10 Channel 52 Glodeni

11 Channel 51 Sîngerei

12 Channel 52 Ştefan Vodă

13 Canalul 45 Taraclia

14 Canalul 28 Bălţi

15 Canalul 50 Bender

16 Canalul 25 Cahul

17 Canalul 25 Edineţ

18 Canalul 43 Donduşeni

19 Canalul 47 Leova

20 Canalul 49 Soroca

21 Canalul 34 Comrat

22 Canalul 25 Causeni