Publika TV's "Responsible Consumer" Campaign: Woman HORRIFIED after buying cakes

A woman had the unpleasant discovery to find a dead beetle in the cakes she bought at the market near her house. She has adrresed the incident to the Consumer protection Agency. 

"I brought the cakes at the local market, and waited for my husband to enjoy them with him. He discovered this" , said Marian Chionic. 

"I threw the cake sin the trash bin, many advised us to change the product, but there is point in doing so. "

According to the officials from the Consumer Protection Agency, dozens of people are addressing such complaints on a daily basis. 

"Checks need to be carried out in this case. Obviously sanctions are needed, to be very expensive for an economic agent" , said the chief inspector from APC Nicolai Olarasu.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has adrresed the problem of bad quality food after a journalist was assaulted by a salesman and her employer because he had taken pictures of an expired food.

The Head of the Executive has asked the National Food Safety Agency to carry out checks.

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