Publika TV requests NGO's reaction after MP Maria Ciobanu attacked repeatedly our television

MP Maria Ciobanu repeatedly attacks Publika TV. This time, she posted on Facebook, labeling us "zoiniţe" (mostly translated garbage) because we write again what she dislikes. 

"My friends, don't ask me if I watched Publika TV, I don't know what's on it. Since for years I've not watched this garbage", quoted her Facebook post. 

To prove that she reads books in her life, she mentioned some of Eminescu words. 

One by one, we consider that the language and behavior of MP Maria Ciobanu cannot be tolerated and we ask the media organizations to condemn this disorderly attitude of hers. 

Previously Ciobanu was declared the enemy of the press by NGOs, thus, her continuous using of slang and attacks on journalists are deemed unforgivable. 




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