Publika TV journalist becomes owner of 'First House' apartment

Dream of owning a house of PUBLIKA journalist has become true. Victoria Criucova, the host of День за днем show has bought an apartment by First House program. 

Victoria Criucova is 29 years old. She admits that she has long wanted to have her own home, so she decided to apply for the First Home program.

"The main advantage of the project is that you do not have to have a large amount of money, the first rate is minimal, 10 percent, so I understand that this program is suitable to me. I'm eligible to apply. I have do debt to the state or banks, I have a good credit history", said journalist Victoria Criucova.

The hardest, says the young man was finding the right apartment.

"It seemed to me that this was the most difficult thing, to find what fits me, to fit it in price. It took 2-3 months for these searches," Victoria Criucova, added the journalist. 

According to the bank's representatives, the filing of documents for such credit is simple and accessible.

"You need your salary certificate, the copy of the work card, your resident card", stated Ana Pereu, the head of the lending department.

Citizens can buy any house that costs no more than one million lei. They have to pay an initial advance of only 10 percent. Loan interest is 9.03 percent. The "First House" program was launched at the initiative of Prime Minister Pavel Filip and has been in operation since March 26.

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