Publika Report: President Dodon should have been suspended as he conducts Socialist election campaign

President Igor Dodon should have been suspended from office because he conducts Socialist election campaign and he promotes himself with Moldovan pilots - ex-hostages in Afghanistan. It has been said by guest of Publika Report show. 

"Voters should notice these things. It would not hurt in this situation, according to Constitution, Parliament would convene in an extraordinary session to suspend the president, to send his suspension to referendum of position dismissal because he will lead the Republic Moldova to disaster, "said the doctor in constitutional law, Alexandru Arseni.

"He has recently turned into an unregistered electoral contestant at the Central Electoral Commission. The president's last actions are even more distant from those who did not vote him. The president may be suspended or not necessarily suspended it could be at some point to initiate the impeachment action against the president, "said journalist Victor Nichituş.

Earlier, constitutional expert Nicolae Osmochescu said that Parliament may initiate the impeachment procedure on the head of state, based on the request of the Prosecutor General's Office, even if the mandate of the current legislature has expired.

Last week, the Central Electoral Commission warned the President against involving in the election campaign for February 24th, and the Socialist Party was sanctioned with a warning.

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