Public transport in Chisinau will be equipped with GPS system

The trolleybuses and buses in Chisinau will have GPS systems until the end of 2016. The new rules are foreseen in the public transport modernization strategy.

The project, drafted by the municipal authorities, obliges the administrators of all public minibuses to install monitoring devices in all vehicles.

In total, 300 trolleybuses and over 150 buses will be equipped with GPS devices. This will allow the permanent localization of each vehicle and the number of kilometers passed.

The GPS systems will compile the information regarding the speed of the vehicles. At the same time the devices will signal the moment when the vehicle stops in station and the moment it leaves the station.

Some administrators of the minibuses say that the implementation of the project will give them additional expenses.

After the installation of the devices, the minibus drivers will be obliged to stop only in stations.

In order to supervise the activity of trolleybuses and buses, a monitoring centre will be set up.

Chisinau City Hall did not make any estimations on the expenses regarding the implementation of the project.

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