Public transport in Capital to pass technical testing

One in five minibuses on city streets does not pass the first compulsory technical testing, which takes place these days. The technica condition of transport units is being verified, including interior and exterior appearance. The most frequent violations are related to seat lounge, failure of the braking system and the lack of lighting bulbs.  

Over 100 buses that pass daily on municipal routes will pass the technical testing this year. Specialist from testing stations detected a number of irregularities with the naked eye. 

In the same period trolleybuses pas the technical tetsing. In addition to standard checks, the most important points are related to leakage of electric current.

Transportation Department officials said that minibuses and trolleybuses that will not meet the necessary technical requirements will be removed from the route.

"The resting is rigorous, at a  better qualitatively level, and transport units that do not meet certain technical criteria are removed from the process, go to service stations and eliminates the irregularities that were established and are returning back to back these tests " , said deputy head of the General Directorate for Transport, Vitalie Butucel,

In the capital approximately 1,350 buses and 360 trolleybuses flow. The second phase of technical testing of municipal public transport takes place from October 3 to 1th. Checks take place at the 15 testing stations in Chisinau, authorized by the Ministry of Transport.

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