Public Services Agency will start issuing new biometric passports

Starting today, Public Services Agency will issue new biometric passports. The documents being more secure and having a special design.

The first page will contain the image of the country's tourist brand, the Tree of Life, while others will contain multiple monuments and well known places, such as Capriana monastery, the Triumphal arch or the Old Orhei.

The new passport fits the international requirements for personal data security. The passport validity remaining the same, as well as the price - 850 lei, for those being made within 30 days.

"To this moment we had a latent image with MDA content, the country's code. Now, we have Republic of Moldova's inscription. Once per three years such documents must be slightly changes, to make them fit the international requirements and resist forgery attempts" section chief of Public Services Agency, Valentina Gârneţ said.

Moldovans believe that the new passports will help promote the country's image.

"It is a good idea, one that will contribute to rise the national dignity and perhaps for some, will even act as an introduction to monuments. Unfortunately many people don't even know the location of the beautiful places we have" a citizen said.

"We have what to be proud of and must show it to all" a man said.

"You can call this advertisement. When leaving abroad and presenting our documents, we might be asked what monument is presented on the passport, therefore, we will promote tourism" another citizen declared.

This young man, citizen of United States, claim that American identity documents contain pictures with symbolic monuments.

"We have the Statue of Liberty. I love it, because we have national poets and poetry" an American citizen said.

Public Services Agency plans to issue this year over 500 000 new passports.

Those who own old passports can use them to the moment it is set to expire.

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