Public institutions to be insulated from EBRD and BEI investments in 2017

22 public institutions will be insulated in 2017. The cost of the project amounts to 25 million, and the money will be granted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and European Investment Bank. The financing contract was signed today, December 6th, by City Hall Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca.

According to specialists of "Termoelectrica" institution, the heat loss costs from a building are double.

"Public institutions, schools, hospitals, kindergartens will be insulated from this project" , said Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca.

EIB representatives say they will continue to participate in development of the capital, and other towns across the country.

The total project cost is about 500 million and will be implemented over the next 25 years.

The document provides thermal insulation of buildings, reparations of roofs, staircases, windows, basements and heating networks. 10-per-cent of the amount allocated for repairs will be paid by tenants.

Over 2,500 blocks and about 300 public buildings are in Chisinau.
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