Psychiatric Hospital from Chisinau investigated for patient maltreatment

The mother of a 20-year-old lady blames multiple doctors from the Psychiatric Hospital from Chisinau of harassment. The women posted on social networks multiple pictures showing her bruised daughter.

Employees from the hospital though, claim that the young lady suffers a rare disease and could have harmed herself. An investigation was opened on this case.

"She was unharmed, but new there are bruises all over. The grandmother was he one to notice it while dressing her. Never before has she harmed herself" mother Irina Rotari declared.

On another hand she never denied that her daughter could become aggressive and wild.

"She usually rips off her own clothes. When failing to do so, she would start approaching nearby people. When an episode begins, nobody can calm her down" Irina Rotari added.

Hospital's director claim that he first found out about the incident from the internet, while doctors assures us that they will also perform an internal investigation.

"We were also surprised with this incident, at the moment investigations are being done to determine the real situation. Once the investigation is done, we will be able to provide with more details" director of Psychiatric Hospital from Chisinau, Victor Furtună stated.

According to the attorneys the young woman was taken to the forensic hospital for examination, while multiple doctors are being questioned.

"Among the seized items were the medical files, as well as anything that might be linked to the incident. For now there are a few suspicions, maltreatment being one of them" attorney Eugeniu Gore supplied.

In case investigation finds traces of ill-treatment the guilty persons risks up to 8 years of imprisonment.


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