PSRM: Government violated legal deadline to submit candidate shortlist to Prosecutor Superior Council

The Government violated the legal term to propose the candidates as general prosecutor, Moldova's President Igor Dodon discussed this with the Socialist Party MPs. 

"We discussed the problems which happened during the course of the implementation of these reforms: the critical elements in the opinion of the Venice Commission on the concept proposed by the Government, the confusion created around the election for the general prosecutor. The way some political actors use to hijack this election, given the legal deadline November 1 was missed, the deadline when the government should have sent the short list of four candidates to  the Superior Council of Prosecutors. These topics are great concerns and will be taken very seriously by PSRM", mentioned the press release of the party. 

Publika recalls that following the legal modification, a commission created by the Justice Ministry held a contest for the position of the general prosecutor. This commission eventually selected four candidates who should have been proposed to the Superior Council of Prosecutors.

However, it failed to proceed because the government was discontented with the result. According to the Justice Minister Olesea Stamate, these candidates will be reevaluated. 




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