PSRM dissatisfied by ACUM conditions, about to review further PDM's proposal

Short Parliamentary session, where PSRM met again ACUM representatives. After a few-minutes discussions, PSRM president, Zinaida Greceanii, went out for a press-conference. The Socialist leader declared that her formation cannot accept PAS-PPDA's proposals.

'Unfortunately, we remained on the same positions. They insisted on voting ACUM prime-minister, speaker and pack of laws, other things to decide later on. As a political force, voted by the majority of the citizens, we cannot accept', declared Zinaida Greceanii.

What about the discussions with PDM, Greceanii said it will be convened at the PSRM's Republican Council, to debate this offer.

ACUM representatives didn't came out for a press-conference. That after today's declaration of their transparency and public announcement of all the discussions with PSRM.


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