PSRM didn't come at the discussion they scheduled with ACUM. One more dialogue failed

The socialists ignored the invitation of ACUM that they received to discuss about a further coalition. PAS and PPDA representatives were disappointed that they had to discuss with the journalists instead of talking with PSRM members. This was announced by Alexandru Slusari. He also said that ACUM doesn't want to align with PSRM for the next four years.

"We will not cross that red line and will not make a coalition with them for the next four years. For the next four years, the socialists should decide if they want to fulfill their promises for the next four years or no", declared Slusari.

At the same time, Mihai Popsoi, PAS vice President explained that Andrei Nastase takes the Parliament's President office as an opportunity to become the Capital's mayor. He also said that Nastase will resign in case he becomes the president of the Parliament.

On Tuesday, PAS and PPDA representatives invited PSRM to discussions, even if before the election, Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase said that they have nothing to discuss with PSRM.

At their turn, the socialists declared that they don't think ACUM is going to accept a coalition with them. Within a Facebook post, Ion Ceban wrote that the socialists want to discuss with ACUM about a further alliance.


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