PSRM and PL will make an appeal in court to dismiss Silvia Radu

Socialists and liberals will make an appeal to court to dismiss Silvia Radu as deputy Mayor of Chisinau. According to them, Radu gained the promotion illegally and went out of her jurisdiction. The two parties announced that they will address the matter at the Constitutional Court.

PSRM councilman, Ion Ceban claims that according to the law, a deputy Mayor cannot name his or her own successor, as it was not not chosen by all.

"We request for this decision to be canceled and make illegal, from our perspective Silvia Radu has taken the position unlawfully. Only the Mayor that was chosen freely and directly can name someone as a deputy Mayor. To make it clear: a deputy cannot name another deputy" Ion Ceban declared.

Liberal Party also announced that they will make an appeal to dismiss Silvia Radu as deputy Mayor.

"I pity her, as I know what game she has just entered. I think she just realized what she has done. Madam Silvia Radu has a chance, if she remains further in this position, to gain only the socialist's party support. We, liberals, will not play this game. There are breaches, she is an illegal deputy Mayor and we plead for Dorin Chirtoacă to be allowed to return to the City Hall as Mayor, like the citizens wish", president of Liberal Party Mihai Ghimpu said.

At the same time, Mihai Ghimpu urged people to not participate at the referendum.

"Let us not forget that it is best grab a drink for health than go to Dodon's referendum on November 19"

We remind that on Monday, Nistor Grozavu announced that he resigns as deputy Mayor of Chisinau. He signed an arrangement naming president of RED UNION FENOSA Silvia Radu is the new interim mayor of Chisinau, and the municipal councilor Ruslan Codreanu was appointed deputy mayor. According to Grozavu the taken decision is meant to overcome the institutional blockage in the City Hall.

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