PSRM-ACUM budget changes: Less investments, less money for road workings, kindergartens and health care

The current governance are making savings at citizen's expenses and are closing the social projects, Pavel Filip said. He came with a short presentation regarding PSRM-ACUM 2019 budget changes.

According to Filip, these changes mean less rehabilitated roads, less young people will get their first homes, less renovated kindergartens, less ambulance cars, less culture and less investments.
'60 million MDL less for the First House program;

2 million MDL less for social buildings;

320 million MDL less for road reconstruction;

31 million MDL less for ambulance purchase;

30 million MDL less for kindergarten renovation;

230 million MDL less for health care;  

440 million MDL less for Power Efficiency Fund projects;

700 million MDL less for APC investments;

5 million MDL less for the Organ Hall;

5 million MDL less for the "B. P. Hasdeu" Cahul Theatre;

They annulled the DAR 1+3 program, in which 10 million MDL were given to the diaspora for social projects', Filip said in a Facebook post.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the PSRM-ACUM parliamentary majority voted in the first lecture the 2019 state budget changes.

As a result of the 2019 changes, the state budget income will be 40,6 billion MDL and the expenses - 46,3 billion MDL.   

The document is following to be voted in the final lecture, in a special meeting, organized in August.

The former Finance Minister Ion Chicu, posted on his Facebook page a message about the first half of the current year's budget income raising with 5,3%.

Ion Chicu also said that the main income types which are expecting a raising are the income taxes of the individuals and the VTA tax for the imported goods and services.

The former Finance Minister said that these increases became possible due to the fiscal reforem through which were decreased more taxes, which boosted the payment possibility.

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