PSRM-ACUM alliance wants to control the Central Electoral Committee. The decision is harshly criticized by lawyers

In just almost a week after getting into power, PSRM-ACUM alliance wants to control the Central Electoral Committee too. On Tuesday, the MP of the three fractions modified the Electoral Code in such a way that the CEC members could be dismissed directly by the Parliament, without the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice, how it was before. The decision is harshly criticized by lawyers.

The 'Promo-LEX' experts claim that they are concerned about the approved modifications of CEC activities. The institution's director, Pavel Postica, claims that the CEC members independence will be decreased. Postica also says that any decision taken  by CEC must not be taken based on emotions and political sympathies.

'The mechanism that exists now after the bill adopting in the second lecturing, isn't offering any guarantee for CEC members of politic intervention. We are concerned about this provision's modification, I hope it wouldn't be applied'', mentioned Pavel Postica.

Also the former vice-PM of Sturza Government, Alexandu Muravschi, wrote on his Facebook page about the political control of the CEC members after PSRM-ACUM's modifications adopting.

'From now, CEC members are becoming totally politically independent towards those who the are naming, respectively, their political membership becomes a natural thing', pointed out Muravschi.

The Parliament's decision is seen in a bad sight by the former CEC president, Eugen Stirbu:

'The political involving in CEC's activity isn't so good, they will be more dependent because of watching into the eyes of their voters'.

More than that, the alliance's actions of the PSRM-ACUM about CEC are contradictory with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and Conduct in electoral matter, adopted in 2012 by the Venice Committee.

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