PSRM-ACUM alliance propose to remove the integrity certificates

In the electoral campaign, they promised to let public officers pass through integrity filters, but when they came to power, they forgot about this commitment. Deputies of the parliamentary majority PSRM-ACUM insist on the abolition of certificates issued by the National Integrity Authority. The authors argue that the document is ineffective. ANI representatives, as well as lawyers, hold the opposite.

The initiative is contained in the draft law amending the Electoral Code, which proposes to cancel the mixed voting system.

"The Certificate of Integrity has proven to be useless. It is issued by the National Integrity Authority, on the basis of the register of incompatibility documents, conflicts of interest, to which this National Authority has no such documents", said Sergiu Litvinenco, PAS deputy.

Some experts in the field claim that they do not see a problem in removing certificates of integrity and invoke the large workload of ANI employees.

 ANI argues, however, that integrity certificates have a very important role in assessing the integrity of people entering public positions. After the hearings on this issue, ANI sent an opinion to the Legal Committee of Parliament, although MPs did not request it, as required by the law. Thus, ANI acknowledges that the procedure for granting these certificates is difficult and their content is written on the basis of information provided by other institutions.

On Thursday, the draft amendment to the Electoral Code, voted in Parliament's first reading, was endorsed by the Government. The document provides for the annulment of the mixed voting system and return to the proportional electoral system, ie party lists.

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