PSRM-ACUm Alliance is still promoting nepotism. ZdG reported about new interim General Prosecutor to be related with Andrei Nastase

Dumitru Robu, the new interim General Prosecutor is the prosecutor Vera Chiranda's godson, who is related with the Deputy PM and Internal Minister Andrei Nastase, wrote Ziarul de Garda.

According to the source, through the General Prosecution spokesperson, Dumitru Robu recognized Vera Chiranda as his godmother. She was apprehended in October 2018, in the five judges bribery file, being charged for sending money to the magistrates. 

The Vera Chiranda file is at the Chisinau Court and the first session regarding it took place in April. We tried to contact her, but she didn't answer.

Before working at the Chisinau prosecution, Vera Chiranda worked since 1996 to 2014 at the Transport Prosecution, where for three years also worked the current Internal Minister Andrei Nastase, and in 2008, the interim general prosecutor, Dumitru Robu.

According to Ziarul de Garda, the General Prosecution was the source of the information about family relationships of Andrei Nastase and Vera Chiranda. Nastase did not deny this relationship. Also, Andrei Nastase declared that he has nothing to do with Dumitru Roibu's appointment as the interim General Prosecutor.

'I have nothing to do with Robu. My family relationships have nothing to do with prosecutors', Nastase said.

The president Igor Dodon has signer on July 31 the decree regarding Dumitru Robu's appointment, after the Parliament's vote.

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