PSRM - ACUM alliance leads widespread denigration campaign against Moldovan Democratic Party

PSRM - ACUM alliance is leading a widespread denigration campaign against the Democratic Party of Moldova and misleading the society about the deeds made by Democrats. This is the opinion of PDM representatives in Călăraşi. Despite the attacks, the political party resist and become even stronger than ever. 

At the meeting with the party representatives, former PM Pavel Filip encouraged people to stay optimistic because of the facts shown to people. 

"We have to face this hatred and nobody wants to pay attention to what we did while in charge of governance. Think about what you did and don't let yourself be pressure by this perception which is wrong in my opinion", said Pavel Filip. 

PDM supporters also think that the party needs a fundamental change. 

"We have a good result and we need to acknowledge them. We worked hard". 

The extraordinary congress of PDM will take place on 27 July in order to elect new leadership and draw up new development goals. 


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