PSD president: Dodon risks to lose his party and his president function

The Social Democrat Party president commented on the information about the General Prosecution's criminal charge process about the illegal financing of PSRM. According to Victor Selin, Dodon's big mouth will lead to the liquidation of the Socialist Party.

'He proposed to Plahotniuc to buy his party, but he refused. Now he will lose the party and the president function! And ACUM will only clap their hands!', wrote Selin in a Facebook post.

Also, PSD leader commented: Kozak warned about the unnecessary memorandums and secret agreements. Dodon wanted money from Plahotniuc.

We remind that General Prosecution innitiated a criminal file after PUBLIKA.MD got into possession of some video evidences in which Dodon recognizes about the monthly financing with about 1 millin USD of his party by Russians.
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