PSD MEP Victor Negrescu: "Moldova must be intelligently aided by EU macro-financial assistance"

PSD European lawmaker Victor Negrescu states Moldova must be "aided intelligently, by the EU’s macro-financial assistance, being necessary to have correct stimuli and measurable conditions."

He opines it’s important "not to let political phantasies, which can affect Moldova’s European path wander." Everybody’s and Romania’s interest is supporting the progress made.

Concerning the EU’s macro-financial assistance to Moldova, Victor Negrescu, who’s also a rapporteur in the budget committee of the European Parliament, made amendment to the draft, envisaging "the important progress Moldova has made in building the rule of law and implementing the provisions of the Association Agreement."

He emphasizes special attention must be paid to financing small and medium-sized companies and Moldova’s exports to the EU rising after inking the Trade Agreement.  

"The Popular European Family wants a set of conditions, which seem directed against the Moldovan citizens and integration: Moldova can and must change for better, but the recommendations must be intelligent, in order to be fulfilled and to make progress in a measurable manner, without making the population feel aggressed or brutalized,” said Victor Negrescu.

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