Protest organized by fugitive criminal Renato Usatii and FSB against the expulsion of Russian diplomats

The fugitive criminal Renato Usatii urged his subordinates in the party to organize protests in Chisinau after the expulsion of the five Russian diplomats from Moldova, allegedly collaborators of Russian secret services, according to

According to the members of Renato Usatii's party, under the protection of anonymity, the request to organize the protests came directly from the Russian state security organisation coordinators, disturbed by the expulsion of five Russian diplomats.

FSB, which manages Usatii's actions, also intends to prevent the change of the electoral system of Moldova, because "Our Party" would have no chance to reach Parliament, nor Government.

The responsible to organize the protests is Dumitru Ciubasenco, whose daughter studies in a prestigious Russian Univeristy MGIMO.

Several members of the "Our Party" of Renato Usatii are against the organization of protests, just like they sabotaged the organization of the protest against the electoral change in Comrat and Balti town. 

According to the police, today's protest was attended by about 120 people.


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