Protecting Dniester to be carried out according agreement inked by Moldova's and Ukraine's Cabinets

The issues related to the ecosystem of the Dniester have been broached at today’s sitting of the Government, following the Premier’s trip to Kyiv.

There, the side signed an accord of functioning for the dam of the Dniester waterway complex. But the most important topic was protecting the Dniester along its waterbed, according to the Prime Minister.

"We agreed that a joint committee would assess the impact of the complex over the river’s ecosystem. We’ll also talk to the European Commission in this regard to have a thorough analysis.

I warn all the speculation amateurs that the dialogue on this issue moved forward positively for our interests. Many try to read another result, not having truthful information," Pavel Filip said.

Signing an eight-step roadmap is pivotal for the protection of the Dniester.

"It’s important to carry out these measures, as the river supplies not only Chişinău and Odesa, but other towns from Ukraine and Moldova, too," Premier Pavel Filip concluded.

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