Protected Families: Third psychological counseling and legal services office was opened in Cahul

Starting today, Cahul district residents will receive free psychological and legal counseling. Here it was opened a special office that will help victims of violence to regain confidence and to start a new life. The initiative is part of the campaign "Protected Families", launched by Vlad Plahotniuc's Edelweiss Foundation.

Experts say that, generally, people subjected to domestic violence avoid talking about the issue. The role of the psychological counseling office is precisely to help them overcome fear and to change their situation.

"I hope to achieve a very consistent activity regarding the identification of persons and obviously their counselling. Everyone has the right to enjoy life, to go with the certainty that he can solve the problem, that he can lessen the phenomenon," said Alexandra Piscunov, psychologist of Edelweiss office.

Non-governmental organizations claim that the opening of this cabinet is more than welcomed.

"Being involved in the work of child protection, we often run into cases in which violence prevails. I welcome this initiative to open the cabinet. Sometimes, we, who are involved in working with the family, are overwhelmed by not having these specialists, professionals. Now we have help on the spot" confessed Maria Niculita, specialist in child protection.

"Indeed, we have a great need for such an office. We were lacking such services. While we could receive psychological support, legal advice we could not receive", said Emilia Mocanu, director of a social complex.

At the event was also present the PDM deputy, Elena Bacalu.

"I welcome the initiative of Mr. Plahotniuc, namely of Edelweiss Foundation. In Cahul we really feel the lack for such a center. I know cases of domestic violence cases, real cases, quite sad ones. Through this center we will be able to prevent domestic violence in many cases, in several families" said PDM deputy, Elena Bacalu.

"We consider it a very important step made in the process of this struggle with domestic violence and we want every person who is a victim of domestic violence to know that there are such offices and that they can call here and will receive qualitative help" said Lidia Cucos, "Edelweiss" project coordinator.

Since the beginning of the campaign "Protected Families" launched by Vlad Plahotniuc's Edelweiss Foundation were opened three offices of psychological and legal counseling. Two of them are working in Drochia and Hancesti.

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