Prosecutors: Platon's lawyers are trying to delay trial

Lawyers of no. 1 raider of CSI, Veaceslav Platon, are trying to delay the trial, said the prosecutors. Although today's meeting has been postponed for next week, the defense requested again the recusal of the judge.

Veaceslav Platon is being investigated for extortion and money laundering in large proportions. He was detained on July 25 in Kiev, after international search was started. 

Subsequently the court placed him in custody for 40 days, and the Moldovan Prosecutor General's Office has requested the extradition of businessman.

According to the investigation, five companies controlled by Platon received from the Banca de Economii loans of hundreds of millions of dollars. The money was out of the country through offshore companies.

The press wrote that Platon figured previously in different cases, such as the murder of businessman Lapteacru, falsification of documents and weapon carrying.

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