Prosecutor publicizes sums of money and fraud authors in three Moldovan banks

The strategy for recovering funds from the three fraudulent banks was made public.

Anti-corruption prosecutor Adriana Beţişor  today presented the activity of the anti-corruption prosecutor's office on criminal investigations regarding the bank fraud. Today the sums of money and the names of those involved in the theft of the billion have been publicized.

"I will present a wide-ranging information on the work of the anti-corruption prosecutor's office on the criminal investigations of bank fraud, the three banks, Banca de economii, Banca socială and Unibank. We've made effort in 3 years to investigate up to 90 per cent of that the bank fraud includes. 

I will present numbers and people who have been targeted in this operation and who receive sentences.

An important aspect that several prosecutors, several CNA officers, including investigative officers and prosecuting officers, were trained to reach this stage. This scheme was quite complex and you will find it published on the website of the General Prosecutor's Office. There you will not find personal data that is confidential. I mention that confidential annexes are not publicized. 

We managed to identify the final beneficiaries. At this stage, we try to carry out actions to identify the goods and the targeted persons. 

The goods are registered by third parties, and all this activity is directly written in the investigation, our strategy is to be implemented.

The starting point for the identification of bank fraud is the two government decisions in 2014 and 2015, respectively as a consequence of the issuance of emergency credits to the NBM and following the closure of the financial hole formed by the three national banks.

They were subsequently converted into real estate worth 13.34 billion lei. The value of the prejudice caused by the fraudulent activity in the three banks is 13.34 billion lei.

You will find in the strategy, the description, how this money was actually stolen. Two timid ways were the crediting of suspicious companies. In the case of suspicious companies crediting, a large part of these companies had certain pledges. The pledges consisted of real estate, possibly movable property, which at this stage came into the possession of commercial banks. By making an assessment, the three banks with goods are to be put up for sale. Their total value is about 2.6 billion lei.

Until this stage, approximately 477 million lei was recovered from fixed and mobile assets.

2.6 billion lei from 13, 34 billion lei which is put to identification and recovery, is financial means that will be recovered from the assets which are in possession of the three commercial banks. At this stage the three banks are placed under the supervision of the National Bank of Moldova.

At present, out of the amount of 13.34 billion, the 2.6 billion that are put to the NBM itself and the three commercial banks remained with the amount of 10.7 billion lei, which is the target set for release.

I want to remark from these 10.7 billion, at this stage the anti-corruption prosecutor's office sent criminal cases with the identification of the final beneficiaries, criminal cases where the damage of 5.6 billion lei has already been investigated.

At the criminal investigation stage, at the moment we have other criminal cases investigating the amount of the presumption of 4 billion lei, already where we have identified persons and soon these persons will be sent to the court.

Of the total amount investigated, we currently have 1 billion and 60 million lei, money to be directly identified who are the beneficiaries of this financial means and who were involved in the eviction process.

An explanation for the criminal cases dispatched and which amount to 5.6 billion lei, I notice that at the moment we already made some of the differentiation decisions that are possibly to be executed on the following criminal cases: 52 million lei, the convicts Rusu, the Caravita company and a business; 472 million lei, condemned by Filat Vladimir; 869 million lei convicted by Platon Veaceslav.

Prison Sentences after the first instance 2.7 billion indicted Ilan Shor; 10 million defendant Lucinschii Chiril.

Respectively in the court: 1 billion 38 million lei Gacichevici group and 485 million BC Unibank

Our future work on the strategy will be with transparency. We will continue to communicate each stage and we will do it simestrial, "said Adriana Betisor.

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