Prosecutor and lawyer give declarations regarding arrest of Ilan Sor

Orhei mayor, Ilan Sor, will remain in prison. The Court of Appeal Chisinau has maintained the decision of the Buiucani trial court, in which Sor has received 30 days of arrest.

The defense has previously requested for Sor to be investigated in liberty, claiming that his health is bad. Sor was brought to the court in a bulletproof vest, and many supporters of the mayor have protested this decision in front of the court.

According to prosecutors, in the period in which Ilan Sor was chair of Administration Council of Banca de Economii, have been given many unregistered loans. The money from the loans were the object of smuggling and money laundering in huge proportions. Sor denies all accusations.

“The Court of Appeal has confirmed the reliability of the prosecutor’s request in the first instance court. And it has maintained the decision of the Buiucani Trial Court of 24 June 2016 through which was applied the preventive measure regarding Ilan Sor, charged with money laundering and smuggling in huge proportions” said prosecutor Andrei Baiesu.

“Prosecution was influenced by the unfounded arguments, and which have influenced negatively the public opinion. The arguments regarding his health weren’t heard. But still we will continue to present the necessary documents which confirm the necessity of investigation done only in conditions of house arrest” said Ilan Sor’s lawyer, Denis Ulanov.


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