Promo-LEX: President Igor Dodon violates Moldova Constitution

Intention of honoring Transnistrian soldiers and Russian peacekeepers declared by president Igor Dodon, seriously violates the Moldovan Constitution. His desire undermines the sovereignty and inviolability of Moldova, this conclusion belongs to the Promo-LEX Association.

The members of the organization enunciate that president's intention triggers the continued division of the Moldovan society.

Promo-LEX specialists add that decorating Transnistrian paramilitaries and Russian peacekeepers has no legal support. And Igor Dodon's gesture is a challenge to the victims of the 1992 Dniester War.

Moreover, paramilitary structures are forbidden by the Penal Code. Thus, state distinctions can not be offered to Transnistrian soldiers who are part of structures forbidden by law.

Promo-LEX experts mention that the Russian troops from the left Nistru have repeatedly violated the legislation of Moldova.

At the beginning of 2012, a Russian pacifist killed the young Vadim Pisari, and Russian investigators refused to collaborate with Moldova to investigate this case. 

A year later, the so-called force structures in Tiraspol carried out several illegal searches in Bender.

Last year, the Russian army published advertisements in the Nistru's left-wing press for contract recruitment within peacekeeping forces.

Promo-LEX also writes that by offering decorations, the president would accept such illegal paramilitary forces on the left bank of the Dniester River.

The Presidency did not respond to the Promo-LEX Association.

At the end of July, Parliament voted a declaration of withdrawal of Russian army. The document was adopted with the vote of 61 deputies.

Moldovan Democratic Party Chairman Vlad Plahotniuc also demanded the withdrawal of Russian troops in New York. He discussed this in a speech at the Council of the Socialist International, as Vice-President of this important structure.

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