Projects of Bălţi's ex-Mayor, Renato Usatîi, exist only on paper

Former Mayor of Bălţi Renato Usatîi has abandoned many projects that he started while he was in the power. 

The football field to be built next to the city lake remains only on paper. Students of football school and the locals expected to have fun in that planned project. 

In the first stage, three million lei was spent for leveling. The subject was discussed at the last meeting of the Bălţi Municipal Council. Interim mayor, Nicolai Grigorişin, was unhappy with the activity of his brother Renato Usatîi.

"Money has been invested, the school now can not take care of that land and has sufficient budget to finish that project, 10 million lei. The school will turn this land into City Hall management, "said Nicolai Grigorişin, acting mayor of Bălţi municipality.

Some counselors believe that the initiated work was done with violations.

"The fact that Renato Usatîi allocated money for this stadium is not a problem. But I think the money should be transferred to the football school accounts that were responsible for the work. Unfortunately, we find out that the construction permit was issued to an institution but the works were carried out by unknown people", said Serghei Iordan, councilor in Balti city council.

Renato Usatîi announced his resignation as mayor of Bălţi municipality in February 2018.

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