Project of law that comes to reduce pressure upon business sphere discussed by Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici participated at the working session where there was discussed the project of law that will reduce the sanctions pressure on the business sphere.

The document was discussed with the representatives of the development partners of the business community and civil society, after the Government decided Economy and Infrastructure Ministry to finish the Justice Ministry's project of law.

"We want to get rid of the abuses upon the business activity of the business sphere", declared Chiril Gaburici, the minister of Economy and Infrastructure.

Thus, in the business sphere there were proposed a project of law that generated uncertainties. Thus, there were excluded the penal investigation of the Customs service; exclusion / change of competences of law enforcement bodies: National Anti corruption Center, Prosecutor's Office, Police, Border Police; to change the citation procedure; to the inclusion of a new article - flagrant contravention; to the mechanism of non-commencement of criminal prosecution based on the execution of prescription of control bodies; simplified procedures for detecting and examining contraventions, etc.

It was also suggested for people to not receive criminal punishment in case an economic crime is committed for the first time (article 241 - illegal pursuit of entrepreneurial activity, article 241 paragraph 1 - illegal pursuit of financial activity, article 242 - false entrepreneur activity, article 244 - corporate tax avoidance, article 244 paragraph 1 - tax evasion, article 250 - transportation, storing and selling goods lacking proper documents); removing breaches and compensating the damages; to pay to the state budget an amount equal to the caused material damage, but no less than double maximum limit of a fine foreseen in such cases.

At the same time, it is foreseen that freedom will not be granted if the committed crime caused physical or psychological damage, resulted in causalities and damaged the health of people or was committed by a organized criminal group.

The project also kept the amendments on reducing the punishment and increasing the penalties, introducing criminal punishment for authorities for delaying the issuance of permitted acts and for performing abusive controls, limiting the rights of law enforcement to search and seize goods, limiting the confiscation of items that might cause the enterprise's activity to be suspended etc.

The suggestions of the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure will following be examined by the participants of the discussions, therefore at the next session the project will be finalized.

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