Project for better conditions and increased security for detainees, approved by Government

The action plan on reducing ill-treatment, abuse and discrimination against detainees for the period 2017-2020 was approved by the government.

The document is intended to help improve the conditions of detention and transportation of detainees. Moreover, it's design to increase the safety in detention.

Likewise, the implementation will positively impact on police employees: they will receive better working conditions.

The objectives of the plan comprise: reviewing and harmonizing the regulatory framework, improving the detention conditions and infrastructure of facilities, improving the conditions of transportation of detained / arrested persons in the criminal prosecution process.

At least 25 temporary detention isolators and 100 cells will be renovated. 25 specialized transport units will be purchased and more than 200 employees will be trained regarding human rights. 

The project approximately cost 49.2 million lei, over 85% of this budget is allocated by the EU.



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