Project amounting to 23.7 MILLION DOLLARS to be implemented in Moldova

The government approved a draft law on ratification of a new financing agreement with the International Fund for Agricultural Development for the implementation of the Rural Resilience Project – IFAD VII. The project amounts to 23.7 million dollars, of which 5.5 million dollars as a grant. 

The project aims at providing an affordable and long-term source of funding to strengthen resilience to climate change in agriculture.

Thus, it is foreseen the construction of 24 irrigation water supply networks for 75 agricultural producers, rehabilitation of 12 road segments to facilitate farmers’ access to production areas, which 50 enterprises and over 1,200 families from 12 villages will benefit from. Grants for implementation of measures to improve resilience to climate change will be given to about 420 farmers, and preferential loans will be offered to over 450 micro-entrepreneurs, 150 young entrepreneurs and at least 20 small and medium-sized enterprises.

The implementation period of the agreement is six years and will be completed in 2022. Its management will be ensured by the current Consolidated Unit for the Implementation of IFAD Programs in Moldova.
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