Program A New Life was canceled, survey on mother's wishes will be published at year end

Program A New Life which offered new mothers gift boxes has been canceled by the Health Ministry, the money for the baby's box was changed today by the Government, but mothers were not asked what they want actually.

The results of a survey in which women will be asked if they want the baby's box or the amount of 1600 lei, which is the equivalent of the box, will be presented only at the end of the year.

"Well, if you want a survey, which will be applied on on a larger sample, we have just transferred the money. Leave us a few months," said Ala Nemerenco, Minister of Health, Social Protection.

After the New Life program was canceled, the Government decided that instead of the baby's box would be allocated the amount of 1608 lei, the equivalent of its cost, in addition to the unique indemnity granted at birth which in 2019 is over 6300 lei.


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