Professors to write fewer reports on students activities - Education Ministry

Teachers might prepare fewer reports on their work and students. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Research has prepared a document that provides for the exclusion of several reports. It has already been debated publicly.

Viorica Daltă is a teacher of fifth grade class. She has to prepare 21 papers on student activity.

If the document is approved, eight of these will be excluded and two will be modified. Now, the teacher presents data about student grades and absenteeism or family situation. Among them is a report on the behavior of each child.

"If I multiply these five-six sheets, we take five, multiply them by 34 children I have, I have 170 sheets, 170 sheets per month, and if we multiply by nine months, we receive one thousand five hundred of sheets, "said Viorel Daltă, the theoretical high school teacher" Gheorghe Asachi ".

Mariana Lupu-Gorita is a teacher. She says that at each end of the semester she has to make six reports.

Besides this, they still have to report on the activity and behavior of the students.

"We do not receive this salary surplus, so all the papers, all the information, including Internet access, are from personal money of each teacher," said Mariana Lupu-Gorita, the theoretical lyceum teacher "Gheorghe Asachi".

The director of Gheorghe Asachi Theoretical High School says that the Ministry of Education's proposal is a welcome one. Some of the reports made by teachers have been mandatory since the Soviet era and are not really necessary, he says.

"There are a number of reports that double, so the same information has to be made available in several places," said Gheorghe Asachi, Theoretical High School Director, Boris Volosatîi.

The head of the Pre-university Education Directorate says that many of the reports drawn up by the teachers were used by other state institutions, and for the education system they were practically unnecessary.

"The school teacher really has more time for personal development and professional development than to be trained in writing many reports. So there are a lot of reports or informative notes that they are obliged to do on the day of lessons," said the director of Department of Pre-University Education, Valentin Crudu.

Education managers could also draft fewer papers, from 40 to 26. According to representatives of the Ministry of Education, the change will take effect from 2018.
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