Producers and exporters to be guided by 18 experts graduated from UK's institute

Producers and exporters of domestic goods will be able to challenge the international market easily as they will be guided by 18 experts who have received certificate by the UK's International Export and Commerce Institute.

Specialists from the right and left of the Dniester studied in distance the necessary tools for trade transactions for half of year and just took the diplomas after completing the course. 

From 20 employees of the local company participating the course, there were 18 participants were able to pass the exam. 

They learned from international experts the trade regimes, the customs procedures, the requirements of world markets, as well as the export facilitation instruments established by the Association Agreement with the European Union.

"These certificates allow us to have a more complex approach to trade and export in general. This enables us to have a better qualified support for our client companies," said Cornel Coşer, the export expert.

The obtained certificates will help specialists consult both companies on both banks of the Dniester and international ones.

Business representatives claim that lately it has become a trend to conquer international markets with indigenous products, but manufacturers and exporters often face difficulties because they do not know all the legal procedures. Now, however, these risks can be avoided.

Foreign officials say that certification of specialists will directly contribute to increased export volumes.

"There is an opportunity to participate more actively in the international arena of exporters, which is an objective for everyone," Deputy Head of the EU Delegation, Marco Gemmer, said.

The courses cost 100,000 euros, money provided by the European Union, and certification was provided by the UK International Trade Export and Trade Institute.

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