Procedure of starting a business in trade will become easier, entrepreneurs will save money and time

The initiation of a business in trade became easier. The economic agents do not need activity authorization any more. They have to apply only a simple notification at City Hall. Aside from time, the entrepreneurs will save also money – almost 40 million lei per year. This was possible after the change of the law on interior trade.

The provisions have entered into force on 20 July 2016. If the economic agent wants to open a café, to sell eggs or meat, he will need a sanitary-veterinary certificate. In case of those who want to open a PECO station or a beauty salon will need only a sanitary certificate.

Both documents will be issued in 15 days and not in 30, as now.

The authorities’ initiative is supported also by representatives of World Bank. They say that the simplified procedures will reduce the corruption phenomenon.

During a year, the authorities plan to open a single electronic counter. Thus, the application procedure of the notification for the starting of a business will become easier.

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