Pro Imobil's director, Vladislav Musteaţă, kept in custody for 30 days

Pro Imobil's director, Vladislav Musteaţă, was issued a 30-day arrest. The decision was taken today by the magistrates of the Chisinau Court at the request of prosecutors for fighting crime and special cases.

The information was revealed by Deputy Head of the Vitalie Busuioc Institution.

The hearing took place in the absence of the accused. He was represented in court by his lawyer, Vitalie Caldim. The director of the real estate firm is announced in international search.

On Aug. 28, 17 searches took place in the offices of Pro Imobil's two headquarters as well as in cars and dwellings.

Vladislav Musteaţă is accused of tax evasion and risks a imprisonment of up to 6 years.

Recently, wrote that the Pro Imobil Group's director appeared as a partner in a Romanian real estate company based in Bucharest, opened a few days after the searches in Chisinau.

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