Prisoners involved in other murder and robberies. 81 phones, 40L alcohol found after inmate search

The employees of the INI Crime Crimes Directorate together with the Police Inspectorate of Ungheni started a search in Penitentiary no. 18 - Brănești, regarding a criminal case.

On June 28th, police were alert by a person in the city of Ungheni, as he had discovered the body of his 62-year-old neighbor.

Investigations have shown that a mobile phone, a notebook, gold items, and other goods disappeared from the victim's apartment.

Soon the suspect was detained. This 20-year-old committed his blame soon after. 

The suspect also said that the offense was organized and directed by two detainees aged 23 and 25 from the detention facility in Brănești.

Prisoners serve their punishment for committing theft, robbery, violent actions with sexual characters.

After searches, 81 mobile phones and accessories were found, about 40 liters of alcoholic beverages produced inside the prison, 13.9 thousand Moldovan lei, gold items, 6 kg of yeast, gambling cards and alleged narcotic substances.

The guilty persons of murder and robbery can face trial with new punishment: imprisonment from 8 to 20 years or life imprisonment.

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