Prisoners' cells full of prohibited items

Those in freedom never give up great ideas to transmit prohibited items to those behind bars. 

In this context, employees and supervisory regime of Service of Penitentiary No. 9, have registered a case of counter items prohibited in the detention facility, according

At the crossing and control of detention facilities, a woman of 28-year-old who needed to meet with a 41-year-old prisoner, sentenced to 11 years in prison and as a result of body search the officials discovered a banknotes of a total of 32,000 lei. 

The same morning, at the Rusca prison officials discovered 2 bottles of beer, two cell phone charges and perfumes.

This weekend did not pass without checks at detention facilities in the country.  

Thus in Leova No.3, Cricova No.4, Pruncul No.9 and No.16, Balti No.13, Chisinau No.11 prisons, checks were carried out in cells of inmates.

As a result, the officials have raised various prohibited items: 2.5 liters of beer, 1.5 liters of wine and 255 liters of alcoholic drink beer, an electric hob crafted and two mobile phones.

All things in these cases were handed over to Police Inspectorates for investigation and decision-making under applicable law.

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