Prime Minister's congratulation message for Independence Day

The favourable geopolitical location and the right government brought forth a new state- the Republic of Moldova. Happy Birthday Moldova. Is the message given to us by Prime Minister Pavel Filip, for Independence Day, from the Grate Assembly Square.

“Throughout those years we have seen difference governments and parliaments. We shared tragic events, as well as inspiring ones, lived through crisis. Expectations were and remain to be huge. At the same time, those expectations bring forth responsibilities, sacrifices and effort. Nothing will happen with time, we must do it ourselves. We have learned that the Republic of Moldova is not the government, parliament or other institutions. The Republic of Moldova is the thousands of people who go to work daily. The thousands of children that study here. The thousands of people who worked their whole lives and deserve a better country. The Republic of Moldova is also the thousands of people who chose to leave and work abroad, which contributes to the economic development and stability of our country. I have no doubt that one day, they will return, bringing along them precious experience” Pavel Filip said.

At the same time, in his congratulation message, the Prime Minister declared:

“It is obvious that the Republic of Moldova is a democratic state. Human’s rights and political pluralism is not only the fundamental values of our Constitution, but also the reality.  Our election system allows people to choose whom they trust and put in position of power. There is always the possibility of alternative projects and criticism.  But in the current internal and external situation, demagogue and populism is extremely dangerous.

For eight years, with both failure and success, we are slowly integrating in the European Union. We all knew the development path we chose to follow, we have the full support of the west, always willing to give us an opening and only a villain can deny that we indeed have all those positive changes.  Freedom of movement of both goods and persons, enhance of exports, rise in investments, as well as better energy security- are all great achievements.

 Moldova is a European country, not only for its geographical position, but its culture as well. Day by day we are getting closers to European standards. I believe it is dangerous to revise another strategy for European integration. Moldova cannot survive another geostrategic revision. It is time for us to move forward and stop living in the past. We can no longer be the country of missed opportunities and inconsistent politicians.

This is why I wish our political leaders to maintain a European front: we need the cooperation and mobilisation of those who believe that our future rests in the West. We shouldn’t listen to those who believe otherwise, but to talk and explain to them what has to be done.  Because in the end, we all wish to live in a country that stands on equal ground with the others.

Dear citizens,

I truly believe that the Republic of Moldova has a future.  Moldova will become a strong country. But we must first respect each other for this to happen. To not divide our society, but to unite. Only then will our country reach its full potential and we will be able to leave here, at home, with our beloved ones and proudly say: This is my homeland- the Republic of Moldova.

Happy Birthday Moldova!

Happy Birthday dear citizens.”


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