Prime Minister replies Pavel Filip's request on Transnistria regulations

Former Prime Minister Pavel Filip addressed a request to PM Maia Sandu regarding the official position of the government "vis-à-vis the documents to be signed in Bratislava, which introduces a system of guarantees to the disadvantage of the Republic of Moldova and which seeks to create two distinct legal entities in a reunified state and to stimulate the creation of a parallel supranational legal system". 

In a press conference, PM Maia Sandu noted that there are not internal and external conditions for an immediately political solution now. Moreover, she emphasized others concerns such as corruption and smuggling schemes in Transnistria region. 

"I discussed with Mr Șova the subject of Transnistrian regulation many times and on many perspectives. I also talked about this in Brussels very seriously. There, I mentioned the things I have talked about: political solution can be reached only with the respect of territory integrity of Republic of Moldova. There doesn't exist internal and external conditions for an immediately political solution. 

Now we're concerned about corruption and smuggling schemes in Transnistria region and I hope we will sign other protocols with Ukraine in the next weeks and there will more controls at the border with Ukraine. 

It's impossible that Moldova will be federalized because there is a governing majority and citizens oppose this", PM Maia Sandu said. 



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