Prime minister Pavel Filip: We must find the wisdom to work together

The prime minister Pavel Filip said at the polls close that the high percentage of turnout in the first presidential election and appealed for calm after the polls closed, mentions Agerpres.

"I am proud to be prime minister of a country where democracy is valued by citizens. Today Moldovans, through their vote, showed how deeply attached are they to the values of democracy, freedom and rule of law" said Filip.

The prime minister said he hoped the outcome of the presidential election to bring change and stability.

"Change through state presence at the top of a pro-European President legitimated by popular vote; stability in the functioning of a triangle reformist President - Government - Parliament in strengthening the pro-European country" said Filip.

He appealed for calm after the polls closed.

"There would be nothing worse that after the election fight, a war might be started" said the premier.

"All those who are pro-Europeans in this country must find the wisdom to work together to change what needs to change and accept that things work better when power is not concentrated in one place."

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the polling stations across the country were closed. Until 21:00 1,430,071 Moldovans voted. Most voters were people over 57 years. Most passive voters are young people aged between 18 and 25 years.

In the basic electoral lists are more than 2.83 million citizens eligible to vote.

For this election, CEC accredited 3764 observers, including 3202 domestic and 562 international.

Citizens eligible to vote, residing in Transnistria, would vote in 30 polling stations.

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