Prime minister Pavel Filip visits high school and kindergarten of Dorotcaia

Prime minister of Moldova, Pavel Filip, has visited today the high school and kindergarten of Dorotcaia village, Dubasari district.

The main problems discussed were: the organization of the educational system, problems of the educational institutions and the needs of people in this sense.

The prime minister has pointed out that he wants to have an open discussion with the residents, in order to know the people’s problems and to know their point of view in solving the society problems.

The prime minister has discussed the Government’s plan of activities, the actions done for the stabilization of the financial and social situation, and future plans, in order to ensure people good living conditions, by creating working places and decent revenue.

During the discussions were tackled many important subjects for the educational system, as: children’s access to educational institutions, the broadening of infrastructure existent in schools and kindergartens, giving financial resources, and organizing summer holidays for children from the village.

People have appreciated the Government’s efforts and the obtained results.  

Starting with 2001, in the Dorotcaia high school are studying students from Dorotcaia village and Grigoriopol city.

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