Prime Minister Pavel Filip started reforming the pension system

Prime Minister Pavel Filip signed the decision approving the concept of reforming the current pension system, a complex process of change, which will focus on social equity.
The prime minister had a series of consultations with members of the working group for drafting the pension reform in Moldova. It includes representatives of the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family, the National Social Insurance, employers' organizations, trade unions, development partners, associative sector and experts.
Prime Minister Pavel Filip has asked the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection to continue consultations, starting from the given concept and to develop together with social partners and development, as well as specialists in the field, legislation to reform so that it can enter into force from 1 January 2017.
"We started important reforms in the past six months to Moldova in several areas. Most are found in the Road Map. But we must remember that these reforms must be affordable and fair, especially for socially vulnerable people. We don't experiment, we do good laws for people ", said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.
Following this analysis, the working group identified three major problems: a pension inequlity between different categories of citizens, low benefits and a non sustainable pension system.
According to specialists, if the pension system is not reformed, the gap between people's earnings and their pensions will increase. 
All these goals can be achieved by ensuring the functioning of a sustainable pension system, primarily financially. Thus, conditions will be created to increase the number of taxpayers and broadening the tax base including by combating payment of salaries in envelopes, reports .

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