Prime Minister Pavel Filip opting for modern technologies in agriculture

Prime Minister Pavel Filip visited today the village irrigation station in Roşcani Noi village, which was rehabilitated with support from the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

The prime minister appreciated the results of the investments made and the growth opportunities created for farmers in the district. However, Pavel Filip mentioned the importance of implementing modern technologies in agriculture.
The prime minister said that the way the farmers have come together is a good example for the whole country and modernized and centralized irrigation systems shows us once again the importance of a successful collaboration with development partners.
Meanwhile, the head of the Cabinet was informed about the operation of the water supply system and its delivery to final consumers. The mechanism is fully automated, energy-efficient and provides water to farmers at a reduced price.
Through the Compact Program, implemented by the Millennium Challenge Corporation, in the Roşcani Noi village were renovated two pumping stations and installed new pumps 9. At the same time, it was brought back into use a water storage tank with a capacity of 3000 cubic meters and 27.5 kilometers of pipelines installed.
The project implementation was possible because of the association of 729 farmers and joint promotion of the needs that you have to develop a business in the country. The ability of centralized irrigation systems in Roşcani Noi village is over a thousand ha.
Under the Compact of the United States Government were renovated 10 irrigation systems in Moldova cost of the works is estimated at over USD 80 million.

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