Prime Minister Pavel Filip met deputy speaker of Israeli Knesset Tali Ploskov

 Prime Minister Pavel Filip, within his official visit to Israel, had a meeting with Deputy Speaker of the Israel Knesset, co-head of the Moldovan-Israeli parliamentary friendship group, Tali Ploskov.    

 The officials reiterated openness for further boosting the friendship and cooperation relations between the two states. In the context, the prime minister referred to the reforms promoted by the government to improve the business environment and attract foreign investments in the national economy. 

 For his part, the deputy speaker of Israel’s Knesset showed willingness to promote possibilities to invest in Moldova. Also, Tali Ploskov said that she had been in Moldova in early 2017 and that she had a special attitude towards Moldova, as   she is connected to this country with nice memories. “I am confident that together we can implement more projects for the good of the citizens of Moldova and Israel,” the Israeli official said.  

 In the context, Pavel Filip stressed the importance of an agreement on social protection of Moldova’s citizens working in Israel. Tali Ploskov promised to back the signing of such a document.  

 During the dialogue, prime minister Pavel Filip referred to actions undertaken by Moldova to condemn the Holocaust and combat the Antisemitism. The prime minister noted that, in July 2016, the Moldovan parliament had adopted a declaration on the Acceptance of the Final Report of the International Commission on the Holocaust, chaired by departed Elie Wiesel. At the same time, in last January, the cabinet approved an action plan on the Declaration’s implementation. “Moldova joined the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance as observer. Annually on 27 January, Moldova is marking the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and a museum of the history of Jews will be soon opened in Chisinau,” Pavel Filip said.    

  Tali Ploskov appreciated this decision by the Moldovan authorities. “This is a correct and important decision not only for Jews, but also for everybody. This is duty before the history,” the deputy speaker of Knesset said.    

 The officials exchanged opinions on the Moldovan-Israeli cooperation in the fields of health, defence and domestic affairs, as well as in the culture sector. In the context, Pavel Filip and Tali Ploskov welcomed the organization of the Days of Moldova’s Culture in the State of Israel.

 Tali Ploskov was born in Moldova in the northern Balti city.



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